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Disability Hate Crime Network Website

It is important to note that this is not a hate crime reporting site, so if you have an incident to report please call your local police by using the 999 number, or you can use the True Vision on line website on which you can find your reporting process, at your police force.

You can also use the new non-emergency 101 number, as you can ring that from anywhere and it will automatically connect you to the local force area you are in.  It isn’t free but saves looking for other numbers.

Disability Hate Crime is defined by the Crown Prosecution Service and the Association of Chief Police Officers as being – ‘Any criminal offence which is perceived by the victim, or any other person, to be motivated by hostility or prejudice based on a persons disability or perceived disability’, and this is the platform upon which we base our work.

The Disability Hate Crime Network is a large, award winning, group of UK disabled people, user lead disabled peoples organisations, charities, academic establishments and a range of official and non-official bodies including Police and CPS representatives who work together challenging actual hate crime against UK disabled people.

Our website offers updates and the ability to share good and bad practice relating to disability hate crime, reporting centres and case outcomes so we recommend that you sign up to receive the free news updates. The link to sign up is on the right hand side of this page. Also on the right side of the site you will find useful link tabs to publications and other groups and organisations involved in hate crime. Of course, no list is ever fully comprehensive so feel free to let us know of any omissions.

If you wish to use our written information, please do quote the site when doing so and please do respect our posts as copyright to dhcn or where appropriate, to the writer.

To contact  us about news, events or research please e mail – dhcn2007@btinternet.com

We wish to thank Digital Accessibility Centre and Deborah Roberts and Director Cam Nichol for donating and creating the site for us. Their continued help in supporting our fight has been immense.