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Holocaust Day 27th January 2016 – A Personal view

Pete’s Story Holocaust Day, essentially commemorates the worst excesses of hatred of difference in humanity through Nazi activities. But we must remember with sorrow and shame many other incidents of genocide, and attacks based on difference and we must not respond with equal hate. In the preparation of news for this day this network was […]

Disability Hate Crime Network Survey

FROM KATHARINE QUARMBY  – DHCN Coordinator. On behalf of the co-ordinators of the Disability Hate Crime Network, I would like to invite you, if you have experienced a disability hate crime or hate incident and live in the UK, to complete this short survey. We would like to find out a bit more about the […]

Anne Novis writes about ‘vulnerability’

Vulnerability and Disability Hate Crime   To be or not to be a vulnerable person? By Skye Watson MBE I am vulnerable. This is what the law says as I am a disabled person, a wheelchair user and a person who receives care support. Yet I do not feel I am and I do not feel […]

Bev Smith talk at Spectrum – on Disability Hate Crime

INTRO. Thank you SPECTRUM for organising today’s important event; I am pleased to be here today to add my bit on behalf of the national, award winning, Disability Hate Crime Network. Hate Crime is not always life destroying but is it certainly always soul destroying. It affects not just the victim, but also their families, […]