DHCN Policy and practice

Our website is www.dhcn.info


DHCN is an independent unfunded group of UK disabled people and organisations, and a range of interested and statutory bodies challenging UK disability hate crime issues by sharing information and good practice. All posts relating to welfare reform or party political issues not directly concerned with UK law or legislation on hate crime will be redirected to more appropriate sites.

We are not an advocacy reporting group, but will try to signpost in cases where help is needed. We stand by the principle of trying to campaign for, and try to achieve justice for disabled victims of hostility and hate crime. Sadly some people contact us who have not received the justice they ‘want’ as oppose to what ‘the law’ will sustain,  and as with any campaigning organisation it must be remembered that you cannot please all the people, all the time.

We will continue to stand by our policies. We will not knowingly allow ill informed and unsupported judgement of levels of guilt based on unofficial sources to be posted and therefore we will continue to delete inflammatory or dangerous comments, and we will not tolerate abuse as because we stand for fair and equal justice for all, victims and perpetrators. We will press for appropriate sentences especially in terms of an enhanced sentence using s146 of the Criminal Justice Act, but equally we will respect the basic premise of law to not try to unduly prejudice outcomes of on-going cases by predetermining judicial decisions. For your own legal protection, please DO NOT post personal on-going or pending legal cases, nor ask us to ‘take sides’ in any personal matters.

We also ask you please not to post unrelated pure profit product and service adverts as these will be deleted. .

DHCN Admins: Alicia Patterson MBE, Charlie Murphy, Matthew Palmer, Hayden Ingram, Imogen Coates, Amy Fox, Oscar Fisher MBE. Jordan Rice. Jordan Collier. Callum Day